I’ve been exploring Avebury the last few days. I’m fortunate enough to be staying in Avebury proper, in the middle of the stones. For those who aren’t familiar, the area around Avebury hosts a complex of Neolithic sites, with the village of Avebury itself nestled inside a stone henge. This is the view from my bedroom window:

I have already seen a number of ceremonies in the two days that I’ve been here. It looks like this may be a popular Druid hangout, and today I ran into a group from Latin America offering prayers and ceremonies at various sites. The locals appear to embrace this, and there are a couple of cute magic shops in the village.

I’ve enjoyed the energy in Avebury. It’s quiet but with a constant current. It feels a lot like stones themselves: patient, eternal, present, palpable. I expected the energy to form a circle, like the stones do, but was surprised when it seemed more organ shaped. The energy runs around the perimeter but has an inlet in the south. The complex draws energy up from the south and into the circle proper, where it “respirates” it. This has been peculiar to me. It’s like an energetic lung, but for what purpose?

The energy at Avebury, as I experienced it.

I think I understand a bit more after spending today exploring the area. To the south of the Avebury circle is an avenue of stones. This leads into the Avebury circle and connects it to the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary appears to have been some form of burial site. [2]

Avenue (right yellow path) connecting the Avebury circle and the Sanctuary. [1]

Knowing this, the energetic shape makes more sense. It draws energy along the avenue and deposits it in the circle. To be completely honest, this process and the energetic shape it takes reminds me of a fetus, connected and fed with an umbilical cord.

It makes me wonder if the complex had something to do with the mysteries of death and birth. Was this what the builders intended? Or have times changed the energetic pattern of the monuments? Who knows? What I can say is that during my very short stay, Avebury felt very safe, incubating, and “swollen” with energy.

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