Stonehenge opens for a few hours to the public four times a year, on the equinoxes and solstices. I was able to take a trip into the stones for the Spring Equinox yesterday. It was a very surreal experience. Being able to see and touch the stones and feel their energies was moving.

The day started with a mile walk into the circle before dawn. As the sun rose, we gravitated towards the center of the stones where some neo-Druids were holding a ritual to honor the equinox. There were all sorts of people: tourists, heritage enthusiasts, neo-Pagans, Witches, alternative lifestyles, etc. There were a few hundred people; so not large, but I’m not a crowd-loving person.

The energy at Stonehenge was a bit erratic. I think a portion of it was the variety of practices happening at the stones. But the stones were very grounding, naturally. They had a very old and very high-ceremony energy. You could tell they had seen many, many years of highly religious celebrations. There was a certain timelessness to the monument; past, present, and future all faded into a single point and place. The henge was a place of celebration, as it always had been. Time was like the spiral around a screw, and Stonehenge was the central peg. And I was standing on the head.

At a one point, my group of friends in center. We joined hands, and it was like everything else around us ceased to exist. There was real power in this fellowship, in this location. I could instantly feel the connection. I’ve normally found power to scale rather linearly, but this was exponential. It was a beautiful surge of energy. There’s timeless power in the stones, and our community was able to tap into and become part of that legacy.

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