King Orry’s Grave

Yesterday we stumbled upon King Orry’s Grave in Laxey. The complex consists of two tombs, both built around 3000 BCE. Contrary to the name, the graves don’t actually have anything to do with the historical King Orry. He’s one of those figures that gets a lot of things attributed to him.

We visited the site on the left first. It’s not exactly a picturesque location–just off the road in a little subdivision. I expected it to be a neat bit of history, and it certainly was. What I didn’t expect was the zing of Power to hit me as I crossed the circular stone wall that enclosed site. It’s thought that the forecourt was used for funerary rites, and it seems the stones remember.

The energy was electric, shooting up from the ground. It traveled quickly up to my head and I found myself becoming lightheaded fast. It was unexpected, but definitely a memorable experience.

I took a moment to meditate inside the dismantled cairn. After adjusting to the initial headiness of the energy, I found that it was actually quite chthonic. It shot up from a deep place like tiny tendrils and then pulled down, down to where it came.

It seems the stones remember.

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