Why The Point Witch?

Witchcraft is many different things to many different people. Perhaps the broadest definition I can give is that, today, witchcraft is a practice of using natural energies to effect change. There are many different types of witchcrafts: herbalists who invoke the powers of Jesus and the saints to heal; charmers who practice traditional ways handed down to them by previous generations; members of neo-Pagan religions who use a combination of folk magic and Western esoteric methods in their worship. Witches can be Christian, neo-Pagan, atheist, or any other religious persuasion. While many have argued–and continue to argue–themselves into the grave about what makes a witch and whether or not someone “deserves” the title, in today’s world, it seems that what ultimately makes a witch is someone’s self-identification with the word.

As for me, I belong to a religion based in witchcraft: Alexandrian Witchcraft, also called Alexandrian Wicca. It is an initiatory, Mystery religion, meaning that the religion is a scaffolding which allows the Initiate to journey to and experience the Sacred for themselves. Witch is our priestly title. Just as Jesuit and Franciscan are titles for particular orders of priests in Catholicism, so is Witch for us a title that denotes our particular religious dedication. We are priestesses and priests of the Goddess and God of Witchcraft, and both women and men use the title Witch.

Alexandrian Witchcraft emphasizes service, service to the gods, to the tradition, and to the community. The Point Witch is part of my service. It is a way for me to use my Craft–my priesthood–to give back. Ultimately, this is not a money-making venture–I already have a day job. Rather, this is a way to serve and to inject a little more magic into the community and the lovely people who move within it.

Witches acknowledge that there are many different spiritual entities, including gods other than the Goddess and God of Witchcraft. Our spirituality is often flexible, as we may have relationships with various gods, ancestral spirits, and the energies of the land on which we live. As someone providing spiritual services, this openness allows me to meet others where they are at. I encourage everyone to listen to their own spirit and to rely on their own beliefs, no matter how similar or different these may be from my own.

The goal of my work is to journey with you for a moment as you explore your spirit and the Mystery of the world around us, and it is with sincerest gratitude that I thank everyone who has let me witness a portion of their sacred journey. I believe we glimpse the face of God when we gather as our truest selves. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see and to love. I can only hope I am able to do the same for you.

Bryce, New Year’s Eve 2021

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