A Year Already!

Hop pendant by Katie White

We have officially been in Mineral Point for a year! February 16, 2021 was our first day of moving into the new house. Thank you all for the friendship, the welcomes, and the continued adventure!

I first came to Mineral Point in 2016 for the Cornish Fest. I had heard of Mineral Point a few times during my childhood–my mother had traveled through the area when she was young and had some fond memories she enjoyed sharing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived in the town. I was excited to be someplace that boasted a Cornish heritage; though, to be honest, as a gay man, I was a bit afraid to be alone in a country town. I very quickly learned that my fears were misplaced: Nearly every shop on High Street had Saint Piran’s flag on one side of the doorway with a pride flag on the other. My excitement was palpable: Holy crap, could I fit in here!

I decided to take a walk on Merry Christmas Mine Hill as I waited for evening’s entertainment to start. I was surprised that I was the only one up on the hill–it was a gorgeous fall day and that mine was just a picturesque sight to behold. I decided it was a good time and place for some meditation. I plopped myself by some of the old mining equipment, calmed my body, and opened my spirit.

The mine met me in my meditation. It was powerful, alive, and frankly welcoming. There was a sense of homecoming in its embrace, a warmth that touched my soul. I stayed in that space for a long time–my body between banks of prairie plants and my mind between worlds.

As I came out of my meditation and made my way back into town, I found a small hop pendant sitting in the middle of the path. “Take it,” a voice whispered inside me. “You’re meant to be here. Welcome.” It was at that moment that I vowed I would move to Mineral Point someday. In 2021 when the stone Cornish cottage came up for sale, I just couldn’t say no! It was my dream to be the Witch on the edge of town in little cottage, and the fact that it would be in Mineral Point just made sense.

After moving to Mineral Point, I came to find out that the hop pendant was one of the many that Katie White of The Globe Clay Center scattered around Mineral Point as gifts to those who were lucky enough to come across them. I feel so honored that I was the one to find this pendant on a particularly meaningful day at a particularly meaningful time and in a particularly meaningful place. The community, the mine, the land, the Infinite spoke to me that day through that pendant.

I think I’ll forever be discovering the mysteries of Mineral Point. I have, however, come to know one thing for sure: Home is where the hops are!

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