About Me

Bryce Woyak

Tarot | Geomancy | Charming | Ordained Minister

I am a Priest of the Goddess and God of the Wicca, living in wonderful Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I have spent 20 years exploring, studying, and practicing various esoteric systems, including meditation, Tarot, geomancy, Qabalah, neo-Paganism, traditional witchcraft, and charming. I have a B.A. in Religious Studies with a certificate in Celtic Studies from UW-Madison, and I am currently finishing up a Master of Divinity at Cherry Hill Seminary.

Driven by a call to serve my community, I combine my mystic heart with my training in clinical spiritual care to offer empathic and research-driven spiritual support. I am a Wiccan High Priest and coven leader of the Alexandrian Tradition, as well as a legally ordained minister through Sacred Well Congregation and Covenant of the Goddess. I work as a full-time hospice chaplain and part-time charmer. My charmer practices draw heavily on British and Irish folk traditions, Wicca, and ceremonial magic.

I write on topics related to Alexandrian Craft, British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW), neo-Pagan witchcrafts, and a variety of Celtic-related topics.