Custom Charm Bag – $10

Other Charms – Priced as marked


Charming is the art of using natural objects and the human will to either attract desired energies or to repel unwanted energies. Every culture has their traditional charms, such as a horseshoe above the door or a lucky rabbit’s foot. The charmer imbues these physical objects with intention so that they have an empowered and desired effect. Charms are used to influence luck, induce confidence, banish ill will, protect, and much, much more.

Types of Charms

Custom Charm Bag ($10)

Use a combination of herbs, stones, and other empowered objects to influence the energies around you. Simply put the charm bag some place meaningful in your home, your office, or even your car. Each charm bag is made-to-order and customized based on the client’s needs. Tell the charmer what you need in your life, and he will prepare your bag with appropriate ingredients at an astrologically significant time. Popular charms bags include health, protection, love, and good luck.

Completed charm bag available for local pickup or USPS mail.

Other Charms (Priced as marked)

See the gallery below for other charms available at this time.

Rowan String – $3 || Hang in the house, the car, or above the bed for protection.

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