Shield Chart – $10

House Chart – $30


Geomancy is an old form of divination that originated in the Middle East. Diviners would make marks in the sand using a pointing stick and then would tally up these marks to create special figures, similar to I Ching. Each of these 16 special figures had a particular meaning. By noticing the order in which the figures appeared in a reading, the diviner could answer a myriad of questions, from “will the crops be successful this year” to “where did I misplace my necklace.”

Why Geomancy

Geomancy is direct. If you want a “no nonsense” answer that cuts to the chase, geomancy is for you. A geomantic reading will reveal to you a situation’s outcome, what influences are affecting the situation and how, and where you can find strength and expect struggle.

Types of Readings

Shield Chart ($10)

Ideal for “will this work out” and “is this a good idea” questions!

The shield is the most basic geomancy reading. The diviner casts four figures and then, by adding these figures in a determined pattern, creates an additional eleven figures. A shield reading will tell you if the outcome of a situation will be beneficial or not, how you are influencing the situation, and how the situation is influencing you in return.

House Chart ($30)

Perfect for “why” and “how” questions!

The house chart takes the figures from the shield and puts them into an astrological chart. The diviner reads the relationships between the figures and the astrological houses in which they appear. A house chart reading gives you a deep dive into the situation and will tell you the outcome, what internal and external factors are influencing the situation, and how you can influence the outcome.

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